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OBX Weather

outer banks weather

OBX Weather

When it comes to the our beloved Outer Banks, folks often ask, “How’s OBX weather?” More specifically, people ask for general weather and temperature for different times of the year.  So let’s answer the question with data for Kill Devil Hills:                   

Avg High F            Avg Low F

  • January              52                         36
  • February             54                         38
  • March                 60                         43
  • April                    69                         52
  • May                    77                         59
  • June                   84                         69
  • July                    88                         73
  • August                86                         72
  • September          81                         68
  • October              72                         58
  • November           64                         49
  • December           56                         40

The Tale of The Tape

As you can see, it really doesn’t get all that cold.  In this way, the Outer Banks can be enjoyed all year round.  January happens to be the coldest month and July, the warmest.  On average.If you plan to visit during the offseason, why not take advantage of the lower prices for accommodations as well as the offseason specials at many of the local eateries.  September thru November is still a great time of year to visit, as is March thru May.  Of course as I write this, we’re coming off of the coldest few days that we’ve had out there this year.  Sunday night thru Tuesday this week was brutal.  The high last Monday was 29 degrees F!  We pick and choose whether we rent to folks during the coldest winter months for this reason.  Nobody wants to be out there during that weather AND you have to worry about frozen pipes and the heating system keeping up. We were still warm, but the heat pump was working overtime for sure.

How About Rain?

As for rain, or overall precipitation rather, it looks like August is the wettest month with 5.69in on average.  Surprisingly, April seems to be the driest month with 3.13in of precipitation on average.

Whatever the weather, I think most of us agree that life is better at the coast.  Correct? Have a look at some more OBX weather info here: https://www.outerbanks.org/plan-your-trip/obx-weather-seasons/

We look forward to having you as our guests!


Seeing the Wild Horses on The OBX

horses obx

Seeing the Wild Horses on the OBX

Horses and History

One of the more popular and unique attractions out on the OBX is seeing the wild horses.  Spanish Mustangs to be exact.  History says that this herd descends from a herd left behind by Spanish Explorers back hundreds of years ago.  Alternatively, they may have swam ashore after a shipwreck.  I am not sure how large the original herd may have been, but the way the Northern Outer Banks is isolated, that definitely allows for the herd to thrive and multiply.  By the way, when I say “Northern Outer Banks” I mean Currituck County, NC.  Specifically, the towns of Corolla and Carova.  The big question…how do you go about seeing the wild horses on the OBX?!

Two Ways to See the Horses

1) Tour the area on your own.This area of Corolla and into Carova is accessed at the end of a beach access.  The pavement ends at the North end of Hwy 12 and that’s where the sand and beach access begins.  You will either need to rent a 4×4 or drive your own 4×4 out onto the beach there and cruise around looking for horses.  The beach access to the Virginia State line in Carova is about 12 miles.  If you move away from the beach, you can cruise amongst the subdivision and homes that are only accessible by 4×4 vehicles.  You can often spot horses hanging out in the front yards of homes there.  Remember the golden rule though.

2) Partake in a guided tour of the area.  There are a few wild horse tour companies that will be happy to take you on a tour and show you some horses and give you some color around the area and famous folks who live there, etc.  Their vehicles are often jacked up off road vehicles allowing 10-15 people the ability to go along for the ride.  The cost runs from about $50 on up, per person, depending on the time of year.  Slightly lower for children.  If you do decide to book a tour, book well in advance as these tours do tend to sell out.  Especially during peak seasons and times.

Parting Thoughts and Notes

You must remain a minimum of 50 ft away from horses.  This is the LAW.  If caught violating this law, you will be cited for it.  It may seem like a frivolous law and rule, but these are wild animals.  You do not want to be on the other end of one of their kicks or bites.  These horses will fight with one another.  You don’t want to be in the middle of that.
Also, navigating the beach with anything less than a 4×4 is strongly discouraged.  I have seen numerous pictures and videos of people getting stuck because they thought their Honda Civic was a good offroad vehicle.  If you do venture out onto the sand, also remember to air down your tires to 20psi.  As soon as possible after exiting the beach, you can air back up to your normal pressure again.  Airing down of tires on sand allows for greater traction without sinking.

More information:

Other activities outside of horse watching: https://mvillaobx.com/our-obx-top-10/

We look forward to having you as our guests!

OBX Rainy Day Guide

Rainy OBX

OBX Rainy Day Guide

If you spend enough time out at the Outer Banks, at some point you’re going to run into some rainy weather.  Whether you’re there for a couple of days or a full week, a wet forecast should not deter you from enjoying the OBX.  There are plenty of activities for folks of all ages.Have a look at these recommendations.  These are listed in no particular order. So have a look at our OBX Rainy Day Guide.

Take In a Movie

The RC Theatres KDH Movies 10 (http://rctheatres.com/location/8764/Kill-Devil-Hills-Movies-10-Showtimes) allows for the classic family activity.  I know you don’t think about movies out at the beach, but you can’t go wrong!

Visit an Aquarium

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island (http://www.ncaquariums.com/roanoke-island) is a great place to explore.  Learn about the aquatic wildlife native to area as well as some other interesting species.  The aquarium has always been a great place to visit, but they have also made some renovations over the last couple of years.


Maybe not a fun activity for EVERYone, but certainly some folks see value in it.  And if not for anything else, you’ll get alot of walking in.  Visit the Tanger Outlets (https://www.tangeroutlet.com/locations) You can grab some pretty good deals at this popular location in Nags Head.  As an aside, be sure to hit up some of the locally owned beach shops.  For example, Beach House Dreams (https://www.beachhousedreams.com/) has unique items that everyone will love.  They also work with local artists to display their items.


Go on and visit OBX Laser Tag (http://www.lasertagobx.com/)  There are so many mini golf places at the OBX, but with them being outdoors, laser tag gives you an inside alternative to have some fun.  

Escape the boredom

With 7 different rooms from where you can solve problems, and ultimately escape, OBXscape Rooms (https://obxscaperooms.com/) is sure to be a hit with the family.  These venues are quickly becoming popular across the nation.  Why not the OBX too?  Looks like age 10 and older is appropriate.  Alternatively, there is another facility asking Will You Escape the OBX? (https://www.willyouescapetheobx.com/) This facility has 4 rooms and is located “off beach”.  No real age minimum, but looks like the common theme is around 10.  After all, you’d like the kids to have a good experience helping you escape!


The Jumpmasters Trampoline Park (https://www.jumpmastersobx.com/) is a great way to get the energy out of kids of every age.  They have events and attractions for ages toddler on up.  Some of the attractions consist of an open trampoline area, a ninja warrior course, dodgeball course and climbing wall.  To put it in perspective, the facility is over 14,000 sq ft.

Remember, for more ideas have a look at https://mvillaobx.com/our-obx-top-10/ Some of these are not exclusively indoors, but perhaps you can make it work.

We look forward to having you as our guests!