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OBX Marathon

Outer Banks Marathons

OK, so it’s no secret…I am not a runner.  I do like my long walks and that’s all that they are.  There are many people who run.  Daily.  If not daily, then several times a week or weekly.  So, it should not be a surprise that many of these folks partake in organized marathons.  These marathons and half marathons are put on by hundreds of organizations and for hundreds of causes.  One such organization, Outer Banks Sporting Events, hosts several events every year.  Marathons, half marathons, cycling events and more.  Their bread and butter event is the OBX Marathon held every November.

The Different Events

There are literally dozens of runs every year out in the Outer Banks.  There are runs on various holidays, such as Thanksgiving and New Years.   When people talk about the main run events at the OBX, the OBXSE events are the ones that come to mind.  These events offer great camaraderie, competition, as well as health and fitness.  If that’s not enough, you’ll get t shirts, medals and an after party afterwards.  These parties include food and beer!

  • The season starts with the Running of the Leprechauns in March.  This is a new event for this year,  It involves a 5K or a 10K event at the Nature Conservancy.  I am sure we will see runners out in their Irish best.
  • April brings the Flying Pirate Half Marathon and First Flight 5K.  This is a years old run where folks dress up in pirate garb and run on the West side of Hwy 158.
  • The OBX Triathlon takes place in September.  A triathlon is a combination swim, run and biking event.  This particular event begins and ends in Manteo.  You can even elect to form a relay team where each leg of the event is performed by separate individuals.
  • Another September event brings the Outer Banks Cycle Event.  The event takes place in Manteo along various routes depending on length.  There is a 50 mile, 40K, 20K and 8K event.  If cycling is your thing, this definitely warrants a look.
  • And then the big kahuna event every Veteran’s Day weekend in November, is the Outer Banks Marathon.  There is a 5K, 8K and Southern Fried Half Marathon on day one.  Day two brings the picturesque, full fledged, Boston Marathon qualifying run in the Outer Banks Marathon.  I say picturesque because the main event starts in Kitty Hawk and takes you through Nags Head.  From there, you’ll go across the Baum Bridge, Virginia Dare Bridge, Manns Harbor Bridge and ending in Manteo.

So what are you waiting for?  If running is your game, have a look at these events and start planning your stay with us. Don’t forget, there are other things you can do if running is not on your list of things to do. https://mvillaobx.com/our-obx-top-10/

We look forward to having you as our guests!

Our OBX Taste of The Beach

seafood OBX

Our OBX Taste of The Beach

Every March, there is an OBX Taste of the Beach event that takes place across the Outer Banks, celebrating all things food.  Participating restaurants showcase the best of their menu or special menu items across 4 days.  This is often coupled with special events, like a cook off or cooking showdown, wine tasting, tapas crawls, cooking classes and more.  The final day of the 4 day spectacle always has a Grand Tasting event.   Multiple restaurants gather in one location and customers are able to sample infinitely from their offerings.  Each event offers tickets for a fee.  If interested, you should review the Taste of the Beach website and make your plans.  Careful and act fast!  Some of these events sell out.  https://www.obxtasteofthebeach.com/

Our Taste of The Beach

While the TOTB event is organized by the Outer Banks Restaurant Association, Crystal and I often conduct our own TOTB event.  With each visit out to the coast, we have our own list of restaurants that we consider visiting.  There are so many, that we can never get to them all.  So we compromise based on what we had our prior visit and what we feel like eating currently.  It becomes quite the debate at times.  After all, food at the OBX made it into our top 10. https://mvillaobx.com/our-obx-top-10/ Please see our list below.  Note that they are in no particular order.

Our OBX Restaurant List


  • Art’s Place, Kitty Hawk.  Local hang out.  You will not be disappointed.  1/2 lb of fresh burger greatness.
  • Jack Browns Beer and Burger Joint, Kill Devil Hills.  Local hang out, right next door to the condo. Wagyu beef and craft beer.
  • John’s Drive In, Kitty Hawk. Legend. Careful parking as their parking lot is almost non existent. Fresh Angus burgers (10.6oz for their large). Their Dolphin (Mahi) boat is a must.

Seafood and more

  • Blue Moon Beach Grill, Nags Head.  Fried oysters and crabcake are fantastic. One of the best shrimp n grits.
  • Black Pelican, Kitty Hawk.  Fisherman’s risotto and mixed grill (steak and fish) are favorites.  Coconut creme pie for dessert.
  • Kill Devil Grill, Kill Devil Hills.  Their blackboard specials are legendary.  Go early, they sell out.  Key lime pie for dessert.
  • Coastal Cravings, Southern Shores.  We’ve tried their crabcake and lobster roll.  Very good.
  • I Got Your Crabs, Kitty Hawk.  One of the best she crab soups.  Fresh shellfish. Happy hours 2-3pm and 6-7pm during the week off season. $6 per dozen for oysters and clams.
  • Colington Cafe, Kill Devil Hills.  Better make a reservation.  Great mix of steaks and seafood.
  • Barefoot Bernie’s, Kitty Hawk.  Love their lunch menu and specials.  Red snapper reuben is awesome.
  • Miller’s Steaks and Seafood, Kill Devil Hills. Right down beach road. Get seated between 4-5pm and take 20% off your entrees.


  • Jolly Roger, Kill Devil Hills.  $1.99 breakfast off season. Scratch made foods.
  • Ten O Six, Kill Devil Hills.  Local to the condo.  Very good for a quick stop to pick up a breakfast burrito.
  • Stack em High, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk. Family owned legend.  A bit of everything.
  • Biscuits n Porn, Nags Head.  Big, flavorful biscuits.  Cheese biscuits.  Must try.
  • Bob’s Grill Eat and Get the Hell out! Huge platter sized pancakes and usual breakfast items.

Cheap eats, but VERY good

  • Spanky’s, Kitty Hawk.  Everything on the menu.  Burgers, hot dogs, fish sandwiches and more.  Fresh food.
  • Hurricane Mo’s, Kitty Hawk.  Known for their shrimp and wing special during happy hour.  3-6p off season.  3-5p in season.  35c wings and 15c shrimp.  $1 tacos

Tacos and the like

  • Bad Bean Baja Grill, Kitty Hawk.  Very gourmet style tacos.  Fresh. $2 tacos on Thursday nights offseason.
  • Mama Kwans, Kill Devil Hills.  Legendary mahi tacos.  Love their fried green beans as well.


  • Slice, Kill Devil Hills.  Can’t go wrong.  $10 cheese pizza pies off season.
  • Sal’s NY Pizza, Kill Devil Hills.  Local to the condo.  Good.


  • Country Deli, Kill Devil Hills. Huge, fresh sandwiches and sides.
  • Stop n Shop, Kill Devil Hills. Good sandwiches.


  • Duck Donuts, all over the OBX.  An institution.  Careful, they close early off season.
  • Jolly Roger, Blue Moon Beach Grill, Kill Devil Grill, Miller’s Steaks and Seafood and the Black Pelican all have house made desserts.

Fresh Seafood

  • Billy’s Seafood, Kill Devil Hills. Mini mart and fresh seafood. Great place to grab the day’s catch and cook it at home. You can get crabs and shrimp steamed here as well.
  • Austin Fish Company, Nags Head. Another good place to grab food to cook at home. They also have a kitchen area where they will cook prepare fish sandwiches and the like for you.
  • O’Neals Seafood Harvest, Wanchese. Wanchese is the seafood Mecca, where many of the commercial outfitters are. O’Neals has a nice little seafood market and they also prepare many of the items for lunch.

There are so many other places that are on our list to try. It’s just so difficult to move on from what we know and love already. We’ll slowly try to branch out and report back. Enjoy and bon appetite!

We look forward to having you as our guests!


OBX Fishing

OBX Fishing

OBX Fishing

I’m not an avid fisherman by any means. It’s hard not to mention the OBX and not think about fish.  After all, if you like seafood, it all starts with catching the seafood.  Right? So how about we learn about some OBX fishing!

OBX Fishing History

Best I have found, fishing on the Outer Banks began back with the Native Americans who were in the area. When Arthur Barlowe reached the Outer Banks back in the 16th century, the Native Americans showed him what the sea had to offer.  When they showed him how to bow fish, it was all over and he was “hooked”. Prior to the Civil War, commercial fishing was limited.  The lack of refrigeration made it difficult to travel with the goods.  The fish would have to be salted and dried.  After the Civil War, the US transportation system flourished and goods were able to reach their markets with better speed.  Perishable products were transported and sold as “fresh”.  Fishing as an industry and way of life became possible and lucrative. Aside from fishing, boat building on the Outer Banks took off as well.  Vessels were needed to meet the demand of procuring seafood.  Boat building also allowed for smugglers to run rum during prohibition times. Wanchese became the center of the commercial fishing industry on the Outer Banks.  Located at the South end of Roanoke Island, you can still go and get the day’s fresh catch and see the shipbuilding warehouses there.

Private Fishing

There are many areas on the Outer Banks which allow for you to grab a charter boat and go out into open water for a great day’s worth of fishing.  For those of us who don’t mind shore fishing, there are a couple of ways to go about on your own.  If you venture out to one of the local piers, you pay a nominal admission fee and can fish all day if you’d like.  You can bring your own fishing gear or rent from them.  They’ll sell you the bait you need for the type of fish you’d like to catch.  They’ll give you advice and more importantly, you’ll not need a fishing license as you’re an attendee of the pier and covered by them.  You can also venture out on your own and fish from the beach.  Of course, you’ll need to stop by the local tackle shop to grab a license.  While you’re there, speak with the store personnel.  They’re fishermen as well.  They’ll tell you what you need, where to go, and what bait to buy.  Prices are very reasonable.  Plus, you’re supporting locals!

We can go into a whole other segment speaking about the different fish and seafood that is available out at our favorite coastal destination.  For a brief summary, also look at https://mvillaobx.com/fishing-outer-banks/

We look forward to having you as our guests!