Outer Banks Vacation Rental

outer banks vacation rental

OBX Hotels

Where Are They?

How many people actually stay at OBX hotels when visiting the Outer Banks?  Sure there are plenty of hotels available.  They are located in all of the main towns, although more centrally located in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk. 

Why Stay at a Hotel?

There are a few reasons why people feel compelled to stay at a hotel.  Familiarity, ease of booking, in room supplies, room service daily and linens are but a few.  Some hotels offer breakfast as well as a swimming pool.  You can see a good sample of OBX hotels here.

Why Stay at a Vacation Rental Property?

While you see the reasons why people choose to stay in OBX hotels, there are very good reasons for you to consider private vacation rental properties instead.  You can never truly get that “at home feeling” in a hotel.  You can work directly with the owner of the property and not a desk person with no skin in the game.  You will often get a full kitchen or kitchenette.  The booking process is often very easy with a rental property.  Just as easy as a hotel.  You an also find a rental property that supplies linens, although it seems more guests have no problem bringing their own.  Also, depending on the vacation rental location, you will find a host of amenities available, such as a swimming pool, bikes, kayaks and other equipment. And another thing…there are many OBX purists who believe these high rise hotels do not belong on the beach.

So What Do You Think?

Why not give a vacation rental property a try?  Ultimately, you’d be surprised at how affordable a VR property can be as opposed to a hotel.  I encourage you to reach out to the VR property owner and talk to them.  Not only will they be excited to get you into their accommodations, but you will also find that many of us are destination experts as well. We can absolutely make your vacation a great experience instead of a good one.  Have a look at our availability here.

We look forward to having you as guests!


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