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OBX Jobs – So You Want to Work in The Outer Banks?

I think there are many folks who decide that it may be a good idea to move to and work these OBX jobs.  Then again, there are those who may want to live and work there seasonally. That is, during the summer months, on a temporary basis. 

Who’s Working Out at The Coast?

What people are looking for these OBX jobs? At one end of the spectrum, you’ve got people nearing retirement age and remain employed either in a part time of full time capacity.  They’ll work in the profession they have had while living there for many years.  You’ll also see many others working in the local stores and shops that lend themselves to the vacation industry.  Whether they be chain franchises or local businesses.  On the younger side, you’ll often see an influx of foreign students during the end of the spring and into the summer months.  By the time fall rolls around, they make their way back to their native countries to resume their studies.  They like to see a little bit of America and what better place than the North Carolina coast?  These students will secure short term/summer housing with perhaps 4 or more residents to a rental.  They’ll rest up at the beach and have fun all day and work all night.  And of course, you’ll have some that do the opposite and work during the day and enjoy the nightlife after dark.  Any way you cut it, they’re making decent money at a coastal location and getting to know the US as well.  In the middle, are the normal, run of the mill workers who keep the community running.

What Types of Jobs?

As with any popular coastal community, it should be no surprise that most work revolves around the vacation industry.  That or tourism actually.  

  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Vacation Rental Agencies
  • Hotels
  • Gift and novelty shops
  • Hundreds of eateries
  • Tour Companies and operators
  • National Parks
  • All of the maintenance companies supporting the industry.  Painters, construction businesses, electricians, plumbers, hvac specialists, appliance sales and repair, cleaners, handymen, lifeguards etc. 

You would think these are normal businesses and not necessarily involved with the vacation industry.  May be so, but all of these folks run ragged in the months leading up to vacation season and even during the season.  They have to be available for any issues needing immediate attention during the stay of guests.And let us not forget the servicemen and women who support the municipalities.  Not only during the vacation season but all year long.  Police, EMS, Fire and all of the support staff at each area’s Town Hall as well as the urgent care centers and hospitals.  Ohhh…almost forgot.  The various supermarkets up and down the Outer Banks also employ hundreds of workers.  And actually, they are probably the one entity that employs every demographic and type of worker that has been talked about.

So as you can see, other than tech companies and any sort of industrial plants or warehouses, you can pretty much find your calling if you are so inclined to work out at the OBX. OBX jobs do exist. If you’re interested and aside from the normal job sites, there are several Facebook groups dedicated to employment and housing on the Outer Banks. https://www.facebook.com/groups/629240940573706/

We look forward to having you as guests!


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