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OBX Weather

OBX Weather

When it comes to the our beloved Outer Banks, folks often ask, “How’s OBX weather?” More specifically, people ask for general weather and temperature for different times of the year.  So let’s answer the question with data for Kill Devil Hills:                   

Avg High F            Avg Low F

  • January              52                         36
  • February             54                         38
  • March                 60                         43
  • April                    69                         52
  • May                    77                         59
  • June                   84                         69
  • July                    88                         73
  • August                86                         72
  • September          81                         68
  • October              72                         58
  • November           64                         49
  • December           56                         40

The Tale of The Tape

As you can see, it really doesn’t get all that cold.  In this way, the Outer Banks can be enjoyed all year round.  January happens to be the coldest month and July, the warmest.  On average.If you plan to visit during the offseason, why not take advantage of the lower prices for accommodations as well as the offseason specials at many of the local eateries.  September thru November is still a great time of year to visit, as is March thru May.  Of course as I write this, we’re coming off of the coldest few days that we’ve had out there this year.  Sunday night thru Tuesday this week was brutal.  The high last Monday was 29 degrees F!  We pick and choose whether we rent to folks during the coldest winter months for this reason.  Nobody wants to be out there during that weather AND you have to worry about frozen pipes and the heating system keeping up. We were still warm, but the heat pump was working overtime for sure.

How About Rain?

As for rain, or overall precipitation rather, it looks like August is the wettest month with 5.69in on average.  Surprisingly, April seems to be the driest month with 3.13in of precipitation on average.

Whatever the weather, I think most of us agree that life is better at the coast.  Correct? Have a look at some more OBX weather info here: https://www.outerbanks.org/plan-your-trip/obx-weather-seasons/

We look forward to having you as our guests!


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