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Visit the Beach! Science Says So.


Visit the Beach

Try to think back about the last time you were at the beach and felt stressed.  Do you remember that time?  Do you remember A time in general?  The answer is more than likely, “No”.  Sure you were probably on a vacation of sorts, but more than that, the ocean has the properties needed to reduce stress.  Vacations do help us feel recharged and reinvigorated, but according to several studies, the shore is good for our minds.

The Studies

In recent years a couple of US West Coast Universities found that trips to the coast reduce stress, boost creativity, reduce tension, depression and anxiety.  Those with greater amounts of stress found that beach time was more therapeutic than average.  The mild temperatures, low tides and sparse crowds all contribute to the lower stress.  Sure, the studies focused on the West Coast, but there is nothing to suggest that what was learned, cannot be applied anywhere there is a beach!  And with our beloved OBX fitting the bill in all of these characteristics, I feel like we’re in a better spot than the more populated areas.  You may feel a reduction of stress visiting Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach, but truth is, the OBX does not feel as commercial and as populated as the others.  Time away is truly time away.

What about if you cannot get away to the beach?  Well, other research suggests that just looking at beach and shore pictures allow for a reduction of stress.  A more recent study showed that using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets at the dentist, allowed patients to have less anxious and less painful dental visits.  Depending on the technology, a beach trip may actually be cheaper than the cost of a headset, computer, etc! 🙂

Although we’re in full swing with the Spring season, winter is holding onto whatever it can.  That being said, the sun is shining and the crowds have not fully engaged the coast as of yet.  Take advantage of the low prices, sparse crowds and warming weather and head on out! Let us know how we can help.


With all of the talk around COVID-19 and Coronavirus, it becomes an even bigger discussion around visiting the beach.  One of the best things you can do to combat this virus is not get it in the first place.  You can accomplish that by boosting your immune system.  How do you boost your immune system?

Sunlight – Spending just ten minutes outside in the sun can actually allow a person to absorb their daily dose of vitamin D directly through their skin!  Vitamin D suppresses autoimmune diseases.

Seawater  – Ocean water has multiple minerals and compounds that help boost your immune system and rid your body of toxins. Why do you think seawater helps cuts heal faster and can even stop a runny nose?

Iodine – Ocean water also contains Iodine, which is great for your thyroid and subsequently boosts your immune system. Having adequate levels of iodine in the body ensures that energy levels and metabolic rates are optimal.  Iodine, surprisingly, also is taken for its anti-carcinogenic properties and for the fact that it can help reduce fibrocystic disease symptoms. Iodine is naturally present in the water because of the living organisms within it. While it’s not possible to say the exact amount of iodine present in the water, this essential supplement is absorbed through your skin when you swim.

The Air – While it doesn’t neccesarily correlate to the immune system, The natural inclination to inhale deeply when you first step on the beach is actually an automatic response to the quality of the air. Individuals with asthma, COPD, or breathing difficulties will find that it’s far easier to breathe when on the beach, than almost anywhere else. This is because not only are the chest muscles surrounding the lungs relaxed when a person steps onto the beach, but the air itself is actually charged with negative ions that work to increase oxygen absorption in the lungs.  True story.

Have a look at this article at Harvard answering different questions.  Specifically look to the question around keeping your immune system strong.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus-resource-center

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to visit the beach even in these medically trying times.

We look forward to having you as guests!