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Why is Soft Shell Crab Season the best at The OBX?

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Why is Soft Shell Crab Season the best at The OBX?

How About 10 Reasons?

10.  Soft Shell Crabs are Unique.

What makes soft shells unique?  They are harvested and eaten when they molt their shell.  You eat the whole crab, since there is no shell!

9.  Soft Shells are fresh and delicious.

To enjoy them fully, you should eat soft shells within 4 days of being caught.  Most seafood mongers have them live even!  Buy local!

8.  Soft Shells are Only Available During a Specific Time.

Soft shells are in season from late April or even May to the early September time frame.  Basically, when the waters warm up enough for the crabs to make an appearance.  This makes them a specialty and highly anticipated.

7.  Soft Shells are an Outer Banks Delicacy.

I am not sure what it is about the combination of flavors that makes the soft shell, such a commodity.  The combination of sweet tender meat, crunchy, salty, battered exterior (fried) make it something you have to try.  All crabs molt their shells, but the blue crab is the only one that is sold to be eaten commercially.

6.  Soft Shells Are Prepared and Served in Many Ways.

You can have them grilled, sauteed and fried.  Put them on a bun with some lettuce and tomato.  Top a hamburger with them.  Put them in a tortilla and make tacos!  Really, one way is better than the next.

5.  OBX Restaurants Know How to Prepare  and Make Soft Shells a Superstar of Your Meal.

Since most of the eateries at the OBX have been showcasing this ingredient for generations, you can bet that you will get a tremendous meal.  Tip:  Go to The Kill Devil Grill in Kill Devil Hills and get a soft shell crab sandwich for lunch.  You will want another.  Instantly.

4.  The Science and Art of Harvesting Soft Shells.

During its lifetime, the blue crab goes through several growth stages and may shed its hard outer shell near 20 or more times during its short three-year lifespan.  Each time the crab molts, it’s a soft shell for only a few hours and must be removed from the water immediately in order to prevent the shell from hardening.  Crabbers separate the crabs according to their progress in the molting process. When the crab molts, it’s very vulnerable and must be removed from the water.  They should be kept alive until immediately before cooking.

3.  You Can Cook the Soft Shells Right There in Our Kitchen.

However you decide you want to prepare these delights, we have what you need to get the job done.  What’s better than getting your food fresh and cooking it that same day it was caught?

2.  Support the Local Fishermen and Crabbers.

When you buy your soft shells out at the OBX, know that you are supporting the local OBX fishermen and crabbers that help deliver these scrumptious specimens to your plate.  You get a fresh product and they continue to stay in business.  It’s a win-win .

1.  Soft Shell Crab Season is the Perfect Season to Visit the OBX.

Making an annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks during soft shell crab season is a perfectly valid reason to come visit us year after year.  If you don’t like the crowds as much, come in May or September.  Why not make it a new family tradition?  YES! Mark your calendars and come hungry.  We can help with your stay.