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Taking Advantage of The OBX Offseason

Taking Advantage of the OBX Offseason

Have you thought about taking advantage of the OBX offseason? As I sit here writing this, we’re heading into the New Years 2019 weekend.  I wonder, “why haven’t we gotten more inquiries about a Christmas stay or a New Years weekend stay?”  Afterall, besides the shoulder seasons of Sept/Oct and April/May, the winter is a time to enjoy everything you love about the OBX without the cost and crowds.

OBX Weather During Offseason

Maybe folks are hesitant because they think the weather is horrible?  When I looked into this, it seems the average high is in the 40s F and the lows are in the upper 30s F.  The coldest month, on average, is January.  Of course, we’re on the cusp of the New Year and I am wearing shorts and a T shirt today.  The temperature in Raleigh is in the upper 60s F.  I struggle with whether I need to cut the main water valve off at the condo to avoid freezing.  It’s been known to happen, but so far this season we have yet to see freezing temperatures out at the coast.  I was actually out at the condo last week and the temperature was in the upper 40s during the day with bright sunshine.  Not bad!

What’s it like during the OBX Offseason?

I often get asked, “what’s it like out at the coast during the winter months?”  Well, it’s quiet!.  The crowds have definitely subsided.  It’s not unheard of to walk down the center of Beach Rd and not have to worry about a vehicle.  That being said, I don’t advocate walking in the street!  A good amount of businesses have closed as of the end of November.  Others decide to take a break around Christmas and stay closed for a few weeks.  Some reopen at the end of January.  Others stay closed until March.  Quick tidbit:  Check with the business’ Facebook page or by contacting them directly to find out about any closure plans.  I’d hate to think you had your heart set on something, only to find out it’s not available.

But Why Visit During these Winter Months?

Well, besides it being less crowded, the costs are down.  Picture this.  You want to grab a bite to eat and there are NO lines at your favorite restaurant.  To make matters more enticing, many businesses actually have offseason specials.  Special happy hour pricing?  Check.  Daily specials?  Check.  Deeply discounted daily specials?  Check.  Free fishing on the piers?  Depending on the day…check!  Discounted products to make way for new products?  Check.  Deeply discounted offseason rates for your accommodations?  Absolutely.  So very quickly, we have found ourselves in a Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win situation.  Yes, it’s a little more chilly.  No, you won’t want to sunbathe in your swimwear and sit on the beach that way.  But overall, you can still take advantage of what the OBX has to offer.  Again, without the crowds and without the expense.

So What is There To Do Out at The OBX During the Offseason?

Pretty much the same things you can do during the prime season.  You can still go to the beach and relax.  You can still visit some of your favorite restaurants.  You can still shop.  You can still fish.  You can still catch the sun rise and the sun set.  You are still able to park your car at the condo and walk to many of these places locally.

So as you can see, you can still enjoy the OBX offseason.  Especially if you’re on a budget. The biggest difference?  You’ll have the heat on, instead of the AC at the condo! :-) Need ideas? Have a look at https://mvillaobx.com/our-obx-top-10/

We look forward to having you as our guests!

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